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School instrument India is a world class standard manufacturer and exporter of School Science lab equipment manufacturer in India, biology lab equipment manufacturer in Kenya, chemical engineering lab instruments supplier in Tanzania, engineering lab equipment manufacturer in Africa, and laboratory equipment supplier in Russia, Ent surgical microscope manufacturer In Cuba offering wide range of all kinds of scientific lab training and teaching lab supplies. School instrument India are the most prominent manufacturer of all varieties of high school lab and middle school lab instruments. School's, who are looking for high school science experiment kits, they are welcome to contact us. Being the best science lab equipment manufacturer, we provide all the necessary apparatus and high school science kits for different experiments.

School Instrument India, a renowned manufacturer and exporter, empowers schools globally with top-notch science lab equipment. We offer a diverse range of:

  • Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturer : Microscopes, balances, magnets, optics, and more.
  • Lab Glassware Manufacturer : Test tubes, beakers, glassware
  • Biology Lab Equipment: Microscopes, slides, models, dissection tools, and kits.
  • Math Lab Equipment: Geometry sets, abacus, measuring tools, and manipulatives.

Why Choose School Instrument India?

  • Unmatched Quality: Committed to international standards and using supreme-grade raw materials for reliable and durable equipment.
  • Innovative Solutions: Our experts design engaging & effective lab kits, igniting a passion for scientific exploration in students.
  • Global Reach: Trusted supplier to schools, colleges, and universities in over 70 countries.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team assists with lab setup, equipment selection, and ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Featured Products:

  • Science Lab Physics Basic Kit: Explore fundamental physics concepts.
  • Science Lab Chemistry Basic Kit: Conduct exciting chemical reactions & analysis.
  • Science Lab Biology Basic Kit: Delve into the wonders of life through dissections & microscopy.
  • Mathematics Manipulatives for All Ages: Make learning math fun and interactive.

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